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Dogara And His Campaign Promises

de Joshua Chipper
Joshua Chipper
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Politicians are Seldom known to think of tomorrow. It is usually a statement i will do so, however through a curious interplay of fate and favour, a glimmer of events indicating that all hope may not be lost in the hunger and thirst for those with the right quality who can break new grounds and open up edifying frontiers in our development space.

In our political climate, it is not usually a tea party to locate those with uncommon qualities who can combine the visionary statements with the politicians pedestrians footsteps.

This disposition perhaps accounts for the conclusion by many that at the root of the state woes are the problems of leadership yet, it will be uncharitable to refuse to discern beyond this bleak prism of somewhat resignation to fate in the architecture of society’s reconstruction.

Recently, politicians across Bauchi state and beyond accompanied Rt. Honourable Yakubu Dogara the member representing Dass, Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro federal constituency of Bauchi state who also double’s as the speaker house of representatives, federal republic of Nigeria to crisscross his constituency, in a bid to commission constituency projects which include hospitals equipped with drugs and vaccines, road constructions,rehabilitations and the provision of culverts and half bridges, constructions and rehabilitations of block of classrooms with modern learning and teaching materials as well as the provision of E-library with the state of the art equipment one in each of the three local governments areas that he represents.

In the political calculations of Bauchi State Dass, Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro are highly respected. Late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa the first prime minster of the federal republic of Nigeria, late Baba Zagi Dass of the defunct Action group and later unity party of Nigeria UPN and the Great Baba Gonto of the defunct NCNC and later Nigeria people’s party NPP have made the Area today a political hot bed of not only Bauchi state but Nigeria as a whole. No wonder then that the emergence of a political icon like Rt Honourable Barrister Yakubu Dogora was not a surprise.

Leader’s like Yakubu Dogara are born, not made though some people argue this position yet, we are supposed to have been educated in a school system which teaches us the values of knowledge, conviction and willpower as instrument to shatter barriers and erect structures and institutions that will recognise society towards a better order, ironically, the geography of the way good things happen is akin to the proverbial manner a thief plies his trade stealthily without a soul to wisper.

Therefore there is no gain saying that Bauchi state needs men and women of value who seek quality service rather than premodial selfish interest, men and women who believe in the indissolubility, indivisibility and united Bauchi state as Honourable Yakubu Dogara epitomizes.

His track record of honesty, accountability commitment to true democracy remains a sterling quality of statesmanship, his leadership style portrays him as resolute, purposeful, brave and patriotic person who despite political reverse at a point, did not shake his faith in the political scene.

– DASS Wrote in from Abuja

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